Old Films – 1960s

A collection of old home movies (author not known) showing activities in the social hall in the early 1960s.  Pastor Fresh and Pastor Olson among many old members can be seen.  Mother-Daughter Banquet and Father-Son Banquet and other activities including the choir.  Thanks to former Pastor Tim Keeler for digitizing the video tape so it could be shared.  The video was compiled from old movies.

In a quick run through I saw Pastors James Fresh and Curtis Olson, Mary Catherine Horn, Phyllis Straka, Becky Longstreth Renock, Richard Renock, Thomas J. Renock, Haydn Julius, Howard and Fred Wilson, Mary Unckrich Kingseed, Dick Ness, Emily Renock, Helen Webster, Fred and Myron Sargel, Betty Unckrich, Ferd Unckrich, Roger Keller, Bill and Brian Cook, Murral and Lucy Longstreth, Carolyn MacAdam, Bill MacAdam, Harold Ross, Paul Hunt, Russ Glauner, Carl and Esther Dickinson, Ron Britton, Mabel Longstreth, Marjorie Gledhill, Gerry Resch, Jon Dukeman, Bob Riggs, Charlie and Eric Griebling, Tom MacAdam, Russ Nichols, Bob Karnes, Lee Longstreth, Fred Barr, Dave and Doug Fresh, Earl Horn, Ann Ginder, Connie Ross and Carl Ross.